Being Certified Makeup Artists and Xtreme lashes stylists, we know the power and importance of properly shaped brows with a full set of lashes. We create a brow shape best suited for each individual face structure and take your lashes to luxurious lengths.

Brow Shaping

Customized brow shaping


Brow/ Lashes Tint

RefectoCil® tint which can last up to 6 weeks


Brow Shape & Tint

Say bye to brow makeup


Brow Microblading/ Ombre Shading

Wake up with brow makeup


Lash Virgin

Classic, similar to one coat of mascara (50 lashes/eye)


Mixed Partial Volume

Mix of classic & 2D lashes (70 lashes/eye)


Full set lashes

Full set of mink 3D lashes (120+ lashes per eye)


Full volume

3D & 6D mix of mink lashes for maximum boldness (200+ lashes per eyes)


Lashes Refill

Refill with 2 -4 weeks ($40/30 mins)


Lashes Removal